Friday, July 8, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship

Hello, old friends! Yes, I’m aware that it has been a while since I’ve updated. Hmmm…seems like I’ve said that before. Oh wait, that’s because I have!  (This is where I usually apologize profusely and give you a million excuses as to why I’ve pushed my blog to the backburner, yet again, but if it’s okay with you I think I’ll skip that today. I’m not really feeling it.)
The reason I’ve pulled myself from the trenches to write a post is one simple word - editing.
I’ve received my first round of edits for Saving Elizabeth, and I’m having some mixed emotions about them. I guess you could say that editing and I are having a sort of love/hate relationship. Last night, I was in love. I was totally excited to dig in and make some changes, and did so with gusto.  Today, I hate it. I’m staring at the page but my mind can’t focus, my finger can’t hit delete, and a part of me wonders what in the world I’ve gotten myself into.  What a rollercoaster of a ride this publishing thing is!
On a different note, I’ve received a cover sample for Saving Elizabeth and I’m totally in love!!!!  It’s so beautiful, and I can’t wait for you all to see it.
Finally, I’ve received the awesome news that I won a scholarship to Ted Dekker’s Ragged Edge writing symposium in Nashville.  I’m so very thankful and excited! The symposium is limited to only 100 attendees and boasts that it isn’t your typical conference, but rather an experience that will bare the true nature of a writer’s soul.  Sounds awesome, right? Ted Dekker is an amazing author, and I can’t wait to climb inside his mind for a couple of days.
Okay, time for procrastinating is over. It’s back to editing for me. I hope you all are having a great summer. Leave me a comment and update me on what’s new with you!  Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Amy,

    When are we able to see the Saving Elizabeth book cover sample? I am interested to see what it looks like. I can't wait:)

    Raven Paramour

  2. Hey!!!! You are amazing!! So glad you get to go to Nashville!! Miss u!!

  3. Raven, I'll share it as soon as I get the okay. Angela, no, you are amazing! Miss you, too!