Monday, March 28, 2011

Writing Must Haves?

As I type this, I'm snuggled into the most comfy corner of the couch. My feet are propped up, I'm covered with a well worn quilt, and I'm listening to the soothing voice of John Mayer as he serenades me with "Free Fallin." The lights are low, the distractions are few, and I can just feel those creative juices as they begin to flow.

For me, this is the perfect set up to be creative and write something I can truly be proud of. They're writing must haves. I'm sure you have your own. For some of you, it's a certain type of music you like to listen to while you write, or a particular lighting. For others, it might be a special notebook or pen. I want to know what you absolutely, positively can't write without. Be specific! If it's a particular song, tell us the artist and title. If it's a pen, tell us the color and brand. Let us know why you must have it. How does it benefit your writing?

Do you have writing must haves? Inquiring minds want to know. Comment away!!!! 

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  1. My writing soundtrack for this book I'm working on is a combination of Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine. I find it helps to listen to the melancholy and slightly angry sounds of MAS for Gabe and Florence for Gen.

    For the actual writing part, I just need my trusty-dusty laptop. It's a rock star, and my typing is almost fluid and using all of my fingers now. I used to be a one finger typing sort of gal, which is not particularly productive.

    I can write just about anywhere now though. Especially during class, so long as no one tries to talk to me.

  2. The book I am writing right now is very island sort of story. So I mainly listen to like Josh Groban's CD Closer, or Secret Garden's White Stones CD. (I write for long periods of time so I need more than one Cd to help me get into the feel of it).

  3. Very interesting, ladies. I'm going to check those out!