Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sharing the Love

Hi, everyone! I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and blessed. I’ve stumbled across some really helpful writing blogs and websites, and I’d like to share these little nuggets with you.  I’m a firm believer in sharing with others, so keep an eye on this post. I’ll be updating it as I come across things that I think might be helpful to fellow writers. Enjoy!

*When I edited this to add other sites, I accidentally erased my old ones. Don't worry! I'll repost them, along with other great sites soon!


  1. Hi Amy!
    I'm just over checking out your fantastic blog (love the colors by the way). I wish you all the very best with it. No doubt it will be hugely successful.
    Talk soon.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention. I don't know if you're on twitter, but I'll tweet this for you anyway.

  3. Thank you so much, Leigh! I'm so honored to have you following my blog! :)